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Imagine being named alongside such Calgary-Trained Wrestlers as Brian Pillman, Owen Hart, Teddy Hart, Rachael Ellering, Taya Valkryie, Davey-Boy Smith Jr., Viktor, Tyler Breeze, Gama Singh, Rick Titan, Test, Edge, Christian, Rhino, The Beast From The Middle East, Ken Shamrock, Mark Henry, Droz, Crush, Rhonda Singh, Natalyia, “Champaigne” Gerry Morrow, Bad News Allen/Brown, Edge, Andrew Martin  “Test”, Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, Jason Reso & Bret “The Hitman” Hart. All these names were trained in the city of Calgary, Alberta, and all their training stemmed in one way or another from the infamous Hart Dungeon or under the guidance of our Head Coach Leo “The Legend” Burke at the WWF Training Center in the Bret Hart Mansion.

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