Amateur & Pro Wrestling Programs

A World Renowned Training Camp with old traditions and respected legends exists today at the Workhorse Fitness Performance Center. Under the guidance of Hall of Famer & Former WWF Training Center Head Coach and your new Psychology Coach the 46 Time World Champion Leo “The Legend” Burke, your Chain Wrestling Coach & 12 Time City, 12 Time Provincial & 6 Time Canadian Amateur Wrestling Champion & Former WWF Superstar Steve “Dr Hannibal” Gillespie, your Amateur Wrestling Coach the Son of Bruce & Nephew of Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Torrin Rex Hart, your In Ring Handler & Longest Running Can-Am Heavyweight Champion “Vinnie Fever” & your Showmanship & Intensity Coach the Undefeated UWN Heavyweight Champion of the World & Former Gladiator, The Beast From The Middle East, The Man They Hale Ali.

Amateur Program

Amateur Wrestling is the most widespread form of sports wrestling. There are Two International Wrestling Styles performed in the Olympic Games: Freestyle & Greco-Roman. Both styles are under the supervision of United World Wrestling (UWW; formerly known as FILA, from the French Acronym for International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles). A similar style, commonly called Collegiate (also known as Scholastic or Folkstyle), is practiced in Colleges & Universities, Secondary Schools, Middle Schools & Among Younger Age Groups in the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, South America & The Middle East

Pro Wrestling Program

Wrestling is one of the Oldest Combat Sports in the World. It is believed that it was a Major Sport in the Ancient Greek & Roman Empires. The sport flourished in the Middle Ages and remained popular with the masses as well as the monarchies. Over the years, wrestling has become one of the major sports of the world. Some of the Most Popular Styles of Wrestling today are Freestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman & Professional Wrestling. Professional wrestling, also known as Pro Wrestling, is the Most Popular of them all, and is Extensively Aired on Television.

Our Classes

Pro Wrestling Classes

Mon, Wed, Fri 6-8pm & Sun 12-6pm (Men)
Tue & Thur 6-9pm & Sat 12-6pm (Women)

Amateur Wrestling Classes

Mon, Wed & Fri 5-6pm (Men)
Tue, Thu & Sat 5-6pm (Women)

Referee Classes

Mon, Wed, Fri 6-8pm & Sun 12-6pm (Men)
Tue & Thur 6-9pm & Sat 12-6pm (Women)

Things You Will Learn

The Basics

  • Emphasis on the Basics such as bumping, locking up, and much more!
  • Chain Wrestling (Headlock, wrist lock, hammerlock, full nelson, etc)
  • Reversals and takedowns such as headlock takeover, waist lock takeover
  • Mat wrestling and working up from the mat
  • Hitting the Ropes, proper footing and safety techniques.
  • Basic Moves(Shoulder tackle, bodyslam, hip toss, arm drag, etc)
  • Learn proper timing and positioning for spots.
  • Mat wrestling and working up from the mat


  • Perfecting international spots
  • Submission Wrestling (Figure Four, Sharpshooter, Camel Clutch, Sleeper Hold, Etc)
  • Advanced Moves (Powerbomb, Chokeslam, Powerslam, Spinebuster, DDT, Piledriver, Etc)
  • Development of timing and ring positioning

Out of the Ring

  • Learn the proper steps involved in putting a match together.
  • Proper Locker Room Etiquette
  • Cutting promos
  • Giving interviews in front of the camera.

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